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Habitat Support Grants Program helps build another house

For the second year, the Canopy REALTOR Association’s Canopy Housing Foundation is providing support for a new home in Waynesville as part of its Habitat Support Grants Program.  Announced at 2021 grant celebration held in Waynesville, the $3,000 grant will help with the purchase of new cabinets and countertops for the second home now under construction in our new Chestnut Park neighborhood.  The house will be home to the Fine family.  The family of three has completed their homeowner education and sweat equity hours and  will move into their new affordable home early in 2022. 

The Canopy REALTOR Association's Canopy Housing Foundation works to address unmet housing needs and advocate for fair and affordable housing standards and practice.  The program originated in 2009 and traditionally has been open to nonprofit organizations in Mecklenburg and Iredell counties that address housing issues.  With the merger between Canopy REALTOR Association and the Haywood REALTOR Association in 2020, the Community Grants program now extends support to nonprofits and the Habitat for Humanity program in Haywood County.  Each grantee must be supported by a letter of recommendation from an active Realtor.  In the 15 year history of the Habitat Support Grants Program, a total of $275,700 in grants have been distributed to Habitat for Humanity organizations.

Thank you to our generous sponsors

  • Bridge Foundation
  • Canopy Fdtn.
  • Haywood Co. Comm. Fdtn.
  • G&P Masonry
  • Dogwood Health Trust
  • Ace Construction Enterprises
    Ace Construction Enterprises
  • Ridenour & Goss
    Ridenour & Goss
  • Sunrise Rotary
    Sunrise Rotary