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If you're about to remodel, call us first!

If you're about to remodel, don't put a sledgehammer through the kitchen cabinets and toss the tub into the dumpster!  It looks fun on TV, but it doesn't help the environment or the community.  We have a better idea!

Our deconstruction program is a better idea

Our trained deconstruction team will gently extract the reusable building materials you are donating prior to demolition or remodeling.  Salvaged building materials and supplies like kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, countertops, tubs, commodes, vanities, and appliances will be sold to the public at our ReStore in Waynesville.  Like all items donated to Habitat ReStores, goods salvaged during a deconstruction project are kept out of landfills and instead provide a gently used good to someone that needs it at a price below retail.  And the proceeds from the sale help build affordable homes in partnership with families in the community.  

Is there a cost for this service?

You will receive a receipt for your donated items.  There is a nominal fee for the deconstruction.  The fee is very economical compared to market rates, and varies depending on the scope of work.  Our team will meet with you and provide that information prior to starting the job.  

How do I get more information or make an appointment for a consultation to start my deconstruction?

Call the ReStore at 828.246.9135 for more information and to schedule a consultation.

More reasons to love this program

  • We are in and out before you know it, and we cost less than hiring a construction company to do your demolition. 
  • There is far less waste when you use our service.  
  • You will receive a donation receipt for the items you donate to the ReStore through deconstruction. 
  • Your donation of merchandise directly supports Habitat's building programs in Haywood County.
  • The US EPA has estimated that US companies generate 136 million tons of building-related construction and demolition waste per year, and ninety-two percent of that is from renovation and demolition.  Locally, the increased costs associated with sending materials to the landfill, coupled with an increasing number of landfill regulations, has driven the search for new and creative ways to keep these materials out of the waste stream.  The deconstruction program is a helpful solution to the problem.

We cannot accept items that are in too poor condition to be resold in our ReStore.  

Thank you to our generous sponsors

  • Bridge Foundation
  • Canopy Fdtn.
  • Haywood Co. Comm. Fdtn.
  • G&P Masonry
  • Dogwood Health Trust
  • Ace Construction Enterprises
    Ace Construction Enterprises
  • Ridenour & Goss
    Ridenour & Goss
  • Sunrise Rotary
    Sunrise Rotary