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Frequent Questions

Who We Are

  • What does Haywood Habitat do for our community?

    Habitat builds communities by providing new, decent, affordable housing. Tax dollars are saved each time a family moves beyond subsidized housing. In addition, tax dollars collected from Habitat homeowners go back into community services and improvements.

  • Do you give houses away?

    Habitat is not a home giveaway program. Each house is sold at our cost to our partner homeowners with an affordable loan. Additionally, each partner homeowner that will be listed on the deed must invest 200 hours of volunteer labor, called "sweat equity", in the construction of their home.

  • Who funds Haywood Habitat houses?

    Individuals, businesses, faith communities, civic organizations, foundations, and our ReStore fund Habitat houses. In addition, mortgage payments from our homeowners go back into our program to fund future home construction.

  • Can anyone purchase a Habitat home?

    Haywood Habitat is a program for families who have need, have the ability to make a mortgage payment, and are willing to partner with us in the construction of their home. We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.

Thank you to our generous sponsors

  • Bridge Foundation
  • Canopy Fdtn.
  • Haywood Co. Comm. Fdtn.
  • G&P Masonry
  • Dogwood Health Trust
  • Ace Construction Enterprises
    Ace Construction Enterprises
  • Ridenour & Goss
    Ridenour & Goss
  • Sunrise Rotary
    Sunrise Rotary